CLIQ® is your future-proof access control solution Leave outdated locking systems in the past where they belong

Current access control market trends

The global access control market is on the rise, driven by an increasing need for enhanced physical and data security at residential, commercial, industrial, government and defense facilities.

  • Smart security that can be easily integrated within any type of building
  • Cloud-based interfaces that can manage with ease all your security system’s components
  • Mobile credentials with the use of different apps to manage security on the go
  • Increased and secure data usage and storage

Increased need for flexibility and mobility in the work environment



 Here’s why mechanical locking brings major inconvenience to your business

Have you: 
  • Grown tired of outdated security systems?
  • Needed to oversee everyone who can  access your facility perimeter?
  • Struggled to keep track of separate keys for every door?
  • Looked for a security system that can fit not only doors, but cabinets, gates, elevators, and windows, too?
  • Had enough with investing money and time overseeing personnel changes, security breaches or inventory?

Here’s how CLIQ® can solve all your problems


Minimize the risks posed
by lost or stolen keys


  Control access at anytime
from anywhere 

Boost your business’ security
with flexible access and key management


Minimize operational costs thanks to cabelfree installation
and in-key battery power supply as standard


Transition from vulnerable legacy security
to audit trails and easily monitor
who was where and when


Schedule access to any door
or grant time-limited access

CLIQ ® technology gives you:

  • A simple step up from mechanical locks to powerful, modern access control
  • A system easily retrofitted to existing doors, access points and infrastructure
  • An access control solution trusted by businesses of all sizes and in all industries


CLIQ® technology gives you 3 levels of access control, no matter what your business type

For small to medium-sized Businesses

For medium to large-sized Businesses

CLIQ® Web Manager

CLIQ® Web Manager software is built to enable a wide range of workflows. It allows administrators to create individual schedules for users, doors or audit trails. CLIQ® Web Manager is especially suited to organizations with multiple administrators located at different sites.

For businesses with remotes sites or dispersed staff

CLIQ® Remote/Connect

Businesses demand their access control systems work perfectly at all times, in all locations. CLIQ® ensures security and convenient access, even in the most challenging environments. The CLIQ®  Connect system links to your smartphone to update access rights anytime, anywhere.