eCLIQ is a purely electronic keying system developed by ASSA ABLOY. It is a cost effective solution which provides electronic access control without the need for wiring. eCLIQ cylinders retrofit into existing doors and locks.

eCLIQ offers the electronic features such as programmable access rights, time scheduling, audit trails, blocking of lost keys etc.

Both the key and cylinder contain electronics but only the key has a battery. There is no battery within the cylinders or padlocks. The battery in the key powers up the electronics in the cylinder at key insertion.

Key Features

  • Electronic access control without wiring
  • Audit trails stored in both keys and cylinders
  • Flexible access permissions
  • IP67 rated keys
  • IP67 rated padlock
  • Easily replaced standard battery in the key

eCLIQ Intelligent Electronics

eCLIQ is based on electronics that can be embedded directly inside the key and the core of a cylinder. Each ASSA ABLOY® eCLIQ key and cylinder contains a unique electronic code, designated for one individual element only and cannot be altered or corrupted.

The electronic mechanism embedded in the cylinder, is a self-contained unit. Consequently, the intelligent cylinder installs with ease like any normal cylinder.

Operating Principle

The use of eCLIQ keys and cylinders is nearly the same as the use of a normal mechanical keying system. The only difference is the sound and visual signals given to the key holder when an eCLIQ key is inserted in an eCLIQ cylinder. The electronics in the key and cylinder cause a short delay of around 0.1 seconds before the key can be turned after the key insertion.

Product Range

ASSA ABLOY® eCLIQ comes in a variety of cylinders and locks for various types of applications. The range includes door cylinders, padlocks and cam locks.


ASSA ABLOY® eCLIQ is suitable for various industries.

  • Schools
  • City Councils
  • Museums
  • Art centres
  • Nursing homes, smaller hospitals and health centres
  • Commercial buildings and factories
  • Transport and logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Offices
  • An application with a need for electronic access control in remote locations

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Speed of the electronic function
CLIQ cylinders can be operated 0.1 seconds after key insertion. An audible and visual indication is given to the key holder when the key can be turned.

Environmental restrictions for use
Use temperature: key 0°C …+70°C
Use temperature: cylinder -25°C …+85°C

Dust and water protection
Cylinder: IP classification IP 54 (=protected against dust and water splashed from all directions).
IP classification IP 55 (if dust covers are used) (=protected against dust and low pressure jets of water from all directions).
Padlock: IP classification IP 67 (= No dust can enter the key, and it is protected immersion).
Key: IP classification IP 67 (= No dust can enter the key, and it is protected immersion).

Memory structure of cylinders and keys
1,000 authorised individual keys or key groups* can be stored in the cylinder memory at a time. *Maximum 65.535 keys in each group.
1,500 individual keys can be stored in a black list. Black listing of individual keys is only needed if the black listed key belongs to a key group that is programmed in the cylinder.
750 audit trails.

Normal Key:
1,000 audit trails.
10 audit trails from eCLIQ cylinders belonging to another keying system.
Dynamic Key:
1,000 audit trails.
10 audit trails from eCLIQ cylinders belonging to another keying system.
1,500 authorised cylinders.

770 cylinder programming tasks can be stored on the key.
1,000 audit trails can be read at the time.

Time functions
eCLIQ keys have a clock and calendar feature.
An eCLIQ key can be programmed to be: always active, active between certain dates or inactive.
It is also possible to set a weekly operation schedule to the key. The calendar allows the administrator to specify up to 32 time periods where the key is granted access throughout the week. Cylinder specific time periods can be programmed in the key. The key can for instance be programmed to open all cylinders Mon - Fri 8AM - 5PM except for one (or more) cylinder(s) which can only be opened on Saturdays.

The clock has an accuracy of minimum +/- 1 minute per month.

Lifetime of the products

The expected lifetime of the electronic products is about seven years. After that the failure rate of any electronic products starts to grow due deterioration of electronic components and overall wear.

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