Interior Door with integrated Aperio® access control

The ASSA ABLOY Belgium solution for high security interior doors with integrated Aperio® wireless Access Control system and a Panic-Lock. The aperio® wireless technology is an integrated solution with online and offline door control that can be operated with the same access cards you use for your existing EAC system.

The lock/door is automatically deadlocked as soon as the door is shut. 

Typical application markets: Commercial, Healthcare, Offices, Public and Transport

Attention! This is a BIM object consisting of a generic door with the specific closing solutions of the ASSA ABLOY brand. The set (door + products) is not available as a single product.


Hardware Set

  • Panic-Lock (automatic deadbolt), by ABLOY, Standard : EN 12209, SKG**, EN 179, EN 1125, BENOR ATG RF30/60
  • Cylinder (Euro Profile, double), MP83, by Litto, Standard : EN 1303
  • Door Closer, Cam-Motion®, by ASSA ABLOY, Standard : EN 1154, DDA/CEN PR 15894, EN 15804 (EPD-ASA-20130275-IBC1-EN)
  • Hinges, Architectural Hardware, by Litto, Standard : EN 1935
  • Escutcheon (handles and integrated card reader), Aperio®, by ASSA ABLOY, EN 15804 (EPD-ASA-20150279-IAB1-EN)



Specification and Datasheets

Version: C-S-1-Aperio-BE09

Revision: 5

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